December 1, 2017
Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
December 1, 2017
Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
BUNDLE Future Now Conference + Startup Awards for 97€

Conference on future of tech in today's business

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Future Now


BUNDLE Future Now Conference + Startup Awards for 97€

Why Future Now?

Future Now is a one day conference in Bratislava, where innovators, investors and business leaders come to address tech-driven transformation of today’s world. It is the window into your Future. Happening Now.

Future mobility

  • Mobility and transportation are about to be disrupted in major ways.
  • Industry experts predict that the upcoming change will outpace the most ambitious schedules.
  • Future of Mobility is autonomous and electric.
  • Flying cars and car- sharing.
  • Hackable SUVs and vehicle-to-grid networks.
  • Shifting value chains. Emerging transportation powerhouses.
  • But what does it all mean for you NOW?

Internet of the future

  • Emergence of the Internet changed the world.
  • It has now affected virtually everything, from how we watch TV to how we fight wars.
  • Internet of Future is shared protocols and “thin” applications.
  • Securitized web and commoditized privacy.
  • Blockchain and decentralized web.
  • Augmented reality and virtual worlds.
  • Permanently connected everything.
  • Massive job market redundancies.
  • Before we get to singularity, how is tomorrow’s Internet shaping your life and business NOW?

Future of government

  • The way we govern our societies is amazingly outdated, from how we vote to how we settle conflict.
  • Technology can both be empowering and lead to greater inequalities.
  • Future of Government is open data and adaptive education curricula.
  • Real-time policy making and fully transparent decision-making.
  • Cross-border constituencies and data-driven policies.
  • Startup nations and E-stonias.
  • How is future of tech changing government NOW?
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Who is it for?


Whether you want to apply for the competition or just join in on the fun, the opportunity doesn’t get better to talk to potential investors, get specific, actionable help from truly experienced mentors, or to pitch your future business partners for access to new customers, industry experience and funding.


Meet dozens of carefully chosen early-stage startups looking for investment, all in one place.

Join the region’s top angel and VC investors in search for interesting investment opportunities, share your experience with young entrepreneurs and explore business opportunities for your existing portfolio companies.


Showcase your company’s innovation, gain access to new technologies and initiate business partnerships.

Meet young innovative minds and key policy makers. Gain new industry insight, explore progressive solutions for your business needs and help shape the innovative ecosystem in Slovakia.



Startup Awards
+ Future Now Conference

57 €


Startup Awards
+ Future Now Conference

77 €

Late Bird BUNDLE

FutureNow + Startup Awards

97 €


Late Bird

Future Now Conference

67 €


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Slovak National Theatre - New Building

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Address: Pribinova 17, SK-819 01 Bratislava

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