Head of FutureNow

Business & network partnerships, tickets, volunteering, the FutureNow Festival.. you name it and I’ve got you covered. Get in touch so we can help build this madness together!

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Marketing Rockstar 

All things media & PR related! We want to help spread some tech & startup love – if you think you can help, whether as a media partner or collaborator, get in touch.

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Startup Awards Shark

Whether you are an early-stage startup looking to compete in Startup Awards or a network partner that wants to spread some startup love, I’m all ears. Get in touch!

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Speaker Hospitality Queen 

Our aim at FutureNow is to give inspirational, driven & motivated people from all over the world the chance to share their stories, failures and successes with our audience. Think you have something to contribute? Get in touch and we’ll take the best care of you!

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Technical & production enquiries – production magician Katka

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Please use the ‘On the Day’ registration line at the conference