FutureNow Festival

October 22 & 23



The program is live!

Click over to our Facebook event to get the latest updates on all of our events and get a chance to register to the ones that capture your interest. Capacity is limited based on venue, so don’t miss your chance!

Registration via Eventbrite for all events available here.

2 days, 10 events, 8 locations. Discover Bratislava & get curious! Explore the future of fashion, energy, work, science & education.

Community matters

We believe that tech relates to all aspects of our lives – yet a lot of people do not associate it with every day life. This is why we have decided to put together a 2 day festival showcasing topics such as fashion, the energy industry, startups, sabbaticals & the workplace, education and science.

Co-working centers & cafes in the city center of Bratislava, academia and the partners of FutureNow are involved in the project. Why? Because we want to connect the tech & innovation community and give people a chance to learn something new and form meaningful connections. 

All events for free

We want to kick start a new era of exciting & engaging tech experiences – which is why ALL festival events will be for FREE. Where’s the catch? Well – all the venues have a given capacity so we will be launching registration via Eventbrite for individual events on a first come, first serve basis.

Don’t hesitate to click over to our Facebook event where you can find more details and regular updates. Spend these 2 days with entrepreneurs, topic experts and startups exploring a wide range of topics via novel formats. This is our thank you to you. 

Relevant topics with festival vibe

Tired of going to lengthy panel discussions without any energy and substance? We feel you. This is why all of our festival events will feature novel & creative event formats – think a tech breakfast rave, creative pitching competition, interactive exposition of an electricity power station & much more.

The topics we will be tackling this year include:

  • Is leisure the new form of productivity? On burn out, sabbaticals and staying sane in today’s pulsing digital world.
  • How do traditions, eco principles & tech combine to shape the future of fashion? Exploring sustainability, less is more and tech wearables in Central Europe.
  • The history of business in Central Europe to celebrate 100 year anniversary of Czechoslovakia. How have the industrial & tech revolutions shaped economic progress?

Sneak peek - take a look at some of the events

And there is more!

  • Is scientific research sexy? We think so! Real life examples of globally successful companies in the region for whom science is integral.
  • Smart cities and smart consumers. How tech can help you save money, while contributing to a more sustainable energy policy.
  • Trials and tribulations of startups ‘making it’ while chasing the American dream! Stories from successful projects in the region that have tackled the US market – learn from their mistakes and wonders.

…and much more! Check our Facebook event to register and receive regular updates.

Don't forget the Festival Info Point @ HubHub Twin City C!

Festival Map & Bistro

HubHub’s newest location in Bratislava @ Twin City C featuring an incredible event space and bistro from famous chain Mondieu will serve as our Festival Info Point this year! With a capacity of 200+ people, you can look forward to special edition meals and a place to pick up the festival map with special features on all our participants.

Add to that permanent exposition showcasing startups & our partners and you’re in for a treat. The info point will be the epicenter of all the fun with our staff & volunteers ready to answer all your burning questions – don’t miss it!

Gadget & Startup Showcase

A permanent exposition of cool tech gadgets and interesting startups with their projects, the perfect accompaniment to great coffee. It’s really exhilarating to put on multiple events in such a short time span, yet we realized it was unlikely most of you would make them all.

This is why we wanted to share with your really cool projects and tech curiosities in a more permanent expose throughout the two days. Come have a ‘startup burger’ at the Mondieu bistro and check out the fun on October 22 & 23rd.

Slovak American Foundation

We are thrilled to have the Slovak American Foundation on board as one of the gold partners of FutureNow in 2018. The Foundation has been a supporter of the StartupAwards and FutureNow for years, which is why we’re excited to bring you an event combining both of our worlds.

On Monday evening, we will be co-hosting an event with the Foundation featuring multiple interesting startups from the region talking about the glitz, glamour and failures in ‘making it’ in the US. Raw, authentic stories of businesses that are trying to conquer one of the most developed markets in the world. Check our Facebook event for more information & to register!

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