Series of free weekly events at HubHub Twin City C! Meet new people and learn something new every Tuesday of the year.

Bridging Bubbles

Tired of meeting the same people at the same events? We feel you. Our mission at FutureNow is to put on 3-5 event sessions every single Tuesday between 17:00-20:00 that all cater to various audiences.

This way, startups can interact with seniors, corporate employees with students, artists with entrepreneurs. We want you to bridge your bubbles and comfort zones to learn something new! For the current program, see our Facebook page.

Every Tuesday for free

We want to kick start a new era of exciting & educational event experiences – which is why ALL Tuesdays are for FREE. Where’s the catch? There is none! All we would love for your to do is register on site.

Once you have registered, you will never need to do it again – joining us at the next Tuesday, we will just ask for you to sign in an pop on your name tage featuring a number signifying how many times you’ve attended a FutureTuesday so that people in the crowd can reach out!

Have something interesting to say?

Whether you are a freelancer, NGO, company or organization, we want you! The FutureNow mission is to build an open platform that allows anyone with interesting & quality content to present themselves in front of a diverse & relevant audience. If you’d like to join the movement, contact our colleague Zuzana Šottová at zuzana@futurenowconf.com.

All FutureTuesdays take place @ HubHub Twin City C!

Bistro Mondieu

HubHub’s newest location in Bratislava @ Twin City C features a bistro from the famous chain Mondieu that serves as our registration point for all Tuesdays!

You can access the space directly from the bistro entrance until 17:00 – afterwards, please use the main Twin City C entrance point.

Event Space

The HubHub event spaces is the perfect location to engage in events and network. Whether we are talking about the modular event rooms or the community pre-event space, you can always count on something exciting happening every Tuesday. Watch our Facebook page to be up to date on the latest event’s program.


Get your

For company offers a contact us at valentina@futurenowconf.com

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