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Our mission: to inspire entrepreneurship with everything we do.
Our objective: to convince YOU to join us on this journey.

Future of Work

What we define as work is undeniably changing: Can you imagine that in 2030, majority of people will work in jobs that don’t even exist today? Tech‘s influence on that debate is a key influencing factor, with AI, VR and automatization being key players.

Let us envision a workplace that embraces globalization, the gig & sharing economies and empowers employees with the help of tech. What do we need to focus on to make work truly meaningful?

Future of Data

Things we have only seen in sci-fi movies are coming to life: machines are learning, much of our life is digital and a virtual assistant is booking our appointments. How? Thanks to never-ending piles of data and the creating unprecedented amount of insights that come with it.

We will explore unbelievable stories of artificial intelligence and scary experiences with data breaches. We will think about implications of „data overload“ on our lives and feelings of digital burnout. We will brainstorm about data ethics and much more, because the fact is: data is king, and it’s taking over.

Future of Learning

People rarely want to change, but considering automatization's influence on all aspects of life, change is becoming necessary. A constant ability to learn, unlearn and relearn will soon be one of the most crucial skills an individual needs to succeed.

We will talk about tech helping people in workplaces to prepare for a future we can barely envision. We will celebrate education, open innovation and information getting to previously impossible places. Not forgetting traditional education in tow - how can we make education more accessible and affordable in an increasingly digital world?

Becoming part of Central Europe’s biggest up and coming tech event has never been easier. Why should you consider it?

Startups, compete!

The FutureNow startup competition, running its 8th year is considered by many the Oscars for the best early stage startups with global potential in Slovakia. This year, we are expanding to Central Europe and want you to join.

Whether you want to apply for the competition or just join in on the fun, the opportunities to gain visibility and grow are plenty. Whether it is talking to potential investors from VC funds & local corporations to getting specific, actionable help from truly experienced mentors at our startup bootcamp, we have it all.

Investors & Executives

The unique opportunity to meet dozens of carefully chosen early-stage startups from Central Europe looking for investment, all in one place. Join the region’s top angel and VC investors in search for interesting investment opportunities at FutureNow, sharing your experiences with young entrepreneurs and showcasing your company’s innovation. Gaining access to new business networks and partnerships in Central Europe has never been easier.

Meet young innovative minds & key policy makers while gaining new industry insight and exploring progressive solutions for your business needs. Help us shape the innovative ecosystem in Central Europe.


Academia may have a rigid image, but our goal is to provide all members of the innovations ecosystem with practical learning opportunities and new network connections. This includes you, students!

FutureNow is a unique opportunity to meet inspirational young entrepreneurs and knowledgeable members of the business community – talk to them, learn about their failures and successes. Join us to learn something new, to get inspired and help better shape your future educational and business paths!

Let’s hit the sweet spot between serious business and serious fun. Together, now.

Building a Community

After 8 years of successfully building a vibrant innovation and startup community in Slovakia, we are expanding our reach at FutureNow beyond the borders! Thanks to the physical network of coworking spaces & one stop shops for all things startup related located in Central Europe ran by HubHub, one of FutureNow’s organizers, we have unprecedented access to local communities that we aim to connect all under one roof.


While the digital influence on our lives grows stronger by the minute, the need to connect with people face to face and establish meaningful, actionable connections is just as strong. We want to make establishing those connections as easy for you as possible – how?

This year, we are launching a specialized tool to help you seamlessly matchmake with attendees at the FutureNow conference, allowing you to book meetings with them in advance and best of all, then hold those meetings in quieter, more intimate spaces.

Festival Vibe

We believe life should balance out work and play, which is why this year we are throwing Bratislava’s first ever tech festival! Featuring multiple events over two days in different cool locations around the city, our aim is to connect coworking spaces, universities, cafes, bars and most importantly, all of you! Attendance to all events will be free so everyone is invited. More information about the FutureNow coming soon, watch this space.

It doesn’t stop there however! Introducing this year, we have edgier and more dynamic talk formats that you will get to witness at the FutureNow Conference. Why? Because we want to you to feel engaged and excited – 0 serious conference vibes.

Future Now

Building tech momentum all year long


X-Bionic Sphere

Startup Bootcamp

Top 24 startups from Central Europe competing for the winning prize pitching in front of 24 seasoned mentors.

More info soon


Bratislava’s first tech festival – multiple events, different cool locations, intriguing tech topics. The best part? Everyone is invited.

Refinery Gallery


3 simultaneous stages gathering world class inspirational speakers, tech enthusiasts, innovators and startups all in one place. More specifically, up to 2 000 of you!

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Access to conference
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Access to conference
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